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We provide Display Advertising on big brand websites above the fold with
precise local targeting.

– Pre-targeted sites to reach your local clients – 100% Transparent.
Behavioral Targeting
– Targeting of users based on their online and offline behaviors and activity. Data companies include but are not limited to Exelate, Blue Kai, Nielsen, Data Alliance, and Data Logix
Content Targeting
– Targeting of users based on the content they read. We will keep, curate and manage custom site lists based on our experience and expertise.
Contextual Targeting
– Target users using dynamic data that identifies what users are reading on the internet allowing you to target users based on page/story context.
IP Targeting
– Targets users by matching physical address / mailing lists with IP addresses allowing you to flood specific homes with the your marketing campaign.
Search Retargeting
– Targets users based on their previous search history.
– Uses pixel technology placed on your website that allows remarketing to site visitors of your website visitors.